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I love to Bake and cook,  Im always looking for new ways to be creative especially as recently Iv become intolerant to more food's, due to my IBS.  The worse culprits being Dairy, yeast, high sugar and fat.  Iv also had to give up eating meat and poultry.  Not sure what that makes me, nearest I can get is a vegan who still eats fish and eggs!!! 
Having a food intolerance doesn't mean that you have to spend lots of money on special Alternative products.  It's possible to have an interesting and varied diet on a budget xxx

Monday, 3 September 2012

The best of men

Just watched the BBC drama The best of men, the inspiring story about the birth of the paralympics.

I had tear's in my eye's by the end of the program.   The stereotype of individuals with physical and mental health problems have come a long way.  Along with our perception of what's normal.  There is no normal,  I'm proof of that. 

I bumped into someone this morning who I used to work with  nearly 3 years ago.  The usual question, what are you doing now?   I had to tell them am still not working, but I am working on getting myself back to work.  I had an entire conversation with out mentioning mental health.  Which is still the big elephant in the room. 

I have an anxiety disorder, and Iv battled depression for the past 10 years.  After my awkward meeting this morning I felt down, ashamed as though I'm doing something wrong.  Watching the program reminded me am doing everything right. I'm doing everything i can to improve my mental and physical health.

 I'm attending back to work class, volunteering one day a week and attending work experience at the Pantry.  The paralympics reminds me that am not the only one overcoming problems, and that I should refuse to give up trying.  My progress might not be quick enough for government projections and statistic's but I'm doing whats best for me. 

Baking is my therapy.  I bake for myself, so I can still eat muffins, cakes and cookies.  I bake for friends and family, as a way of thanking them for being there and supporting me.   Most of all I bake because it's something I love to do xxxx

Don't let any one make you feel the way I felt today and never give up trying.

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