The best of men

Just watched the BBC drama The best of men, the inspiring story about the birth of the paralympics.

I had tear's in my eye's by the end of the program.   The stereotype of individuals with physical and mental health problems have come a long way.  Along with our perception of what's normal.  There is no normal,  I'm proof of that. 

I bumped into someone this morning who I used to work with  nearly 3 years ago.  The usual question, what are you doing now?   I had to tell them am still not working, but I am working on getting myself back to work.  I had an entire conversation with out mentioning mental health.  Which is still the big elephant in the room. 

I have an anxiety disorder, and Iv battled depression for the past 10 years.  After my awkward meeting this morning I felt down, ashamed as though I'm doing something wrong.  Watching the program reminded me am doing everything right. I'm doing everything i can to improve my mental and physical health.

 I'm attending back to work class, volunteering one day a week and attending work experience at the Pantry.  The paralympics reminds me that am not the only one overcoming problems, and that I should refuse to give up trying.  My progress might not be quick enough for government projections and statistic's but I'm doing whats best for me. 

Baking is my therapy.  I bake for myself, so I can still eat muffins, cakes and cookies.  I bake for friends and family, as a way of thanking them for being there and supporting me.   Most of all I bake because it's something I love to do xxxx

Don't let any one make you feel the way I felt today and never give up trying.

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